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Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition is the intake of food in relation to the dietary needs of the body. Good nutrition (a sufficient and balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise) is a fundamental element of good health.

Poor nutrition can reduce immunity, increase vulnerability to disease, alter physical and mental development, and reduce productivity.

At Elysium Clinic, our dietitians are health professionals who apply their knowledge, both on food and its composition as well as on nutrition, to help healthy people or not, to choose the patterns of food selection and consumption that allow them to satisfy Their physiological, socioeconomic and intellectual needs.



  • Child & Adult Overweight
  • Diabetes Tipo 1 y 2
  • Food Intolerance & Allergies (celiac, lactose, etc)
  • Cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension, ostheoporosis, gout
  • Kideny Stones, renal disease
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Oncology Nutrition
  • Detox Diet
  • Nutritional Coaching

Nutritionist & Dietician: Marian Araujo

Reg. Number: AND-00505
    • Licenciada en Nutrición & Dietética
    • Diplomada en Dietética y Nutrición Humana
    • Especialista en Nutrición Clínica en Endocrinología y Metabolismo
    • Master en Bioética
    • Doctora en Salud Pública, mención Cum Laude e Internacional
    • Experiencia profesional en: Nutrición Clínica, Nutrición Comunitaria, Educación Nutricional, Coaching Nutricional, Profesora Universitaria (Madrid, Alicante, Málaga)
    • Conferenciante, autora de artículos y capítulos de libros científicos