Acupuncture, Quiromassage & Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that considers that mind and body are correlated, so that taking care of one of the two aspects will also benefit the other.

The term kinesiology comes from the Greek ‘kinesis’, meaning movement, and can be defined as a study of movement. This discipline evaluates the muscular tone and movements of the person (or the problems that have to make a concrete movement), with the objective of identifying in which area of ​​the body is the problem that produces an imbalance to the patient, negatively influencing his Physical or emotional well-being.

Once the disorder is determined, the kinesiologist uses various therapeutic procedures to solve it, unlocking problem areas, reducing stress, favoring blood circulation and oxygenation of compressed areas, and so on.

Frequently the specialist also uses treatments such as the application of cold or heat in the treated area, combined acupuncture sessions, ultrasound, or electrostimulation, to increase the benefits of therapy. Kinesiology is also used to develop healthy and active lifestyles and prevent the emergence of mobility problems or ailments associated with poor posture or sedentary lifestyle.

This discipline was born in the decade of the 30’s of last century. In some countries such as the United States, Australia, or New Zealand, it is considered a profession with its own entity and of sufficient weight to be much more than a diagnostic or therapeutic complement.


  • Kinesiology Sessions
  • Professional Quiromassage
  • Acupuncture
  • Stretching
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Structural rebalancing
  • Bach Flowers
  • Special Golf Stretching (Hamstring-quadriceps / lumbar-sacrum / Shoulder / Hand doll)

Kinesiologist: Fernando Rodríguez

Reg. Number: 3101 FENACO
    • Naturópata (Organización colegial Naturópata FENACO)
    • Kinesiologo Holistico Avanzado (Escuela y centro Naturopatía SHANTALA, Marbella)
    • Técnico Superior Quiromasaje Profesional(Escuela y centro Naturopatía SHANTALA, Marbella)
    • Acupuntor Bioenergético (Escuela y centro Naturopatía SHANTALA, Marbella)
    • Flores Bach(Escuela y centro Naturopatía SHANTALA, Marbella)
    • Kinesiotaping Vendaje neuromuscular(Escuela y centro Naturopatía SHANTALA, Marbella)